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Panasonic ER- GP81 Professional Hair Clipper

Product Code: GP81


Panasonic's new hair clipper GP81 features uniquely shaped blades providing outstanding cutting performance satisfying the strict demands of professionals.

  • Panasonic GP81 hair Clipper

  • Number 1 Selling hair clipper in Italy, germany and France

  • X-taper Blades that reduce stubble

  • Specially designed X-taper blades firmly catch and cut hairs that are often missed to thoroughly reduce stubble.

    The sharp, precise 45 degrees blade edge provides smooth, clean cutting.

    The sharp 45 degrees blade prevents hair escaping and cleanly cuts it.

  • A combination of DLC and TiN Hard Coatings for twice the durability of stainless steel and a long-lasting sharp edge.

    Cutting-edge blade evolved from Japanese tradition

  • Advancing the Japanese art of making exceptionally sharp and robust swords, Panasonic has applied state-of-the-art technology to develop blades of unprecedented quality.


    Constant Control with advanced sensor technology detects the density of hair and automatically controls the speed of blade movement to assure smooth, steady cutting. The result is a clean cut even with dense hair.

  • Lightweight High-Power Linear Motor

  • Providing 10,000 strokes per minute (Conventional Rotary Motor is only 6000 strokes per minute), Panasonics exclusive ultra-high speed linear motor drive is now lighter but it still provides smooth, constant cutting.

  • Light for ladies

  • The lighter weight makes it easier for female hairstylists to use various cutting techniques as desired.

  • Ergonomic Design for Easy Use

  • As well as making it slim and light, the focus was on making it easy to hold. The smooth, curving, easy-to-handle body and features such as the rubber grip to prevent slipping are all designed to satisfy professional needs.

  • Quick Adjustable Dial for Easy Length Setting

  • Turning the T dial enables adjustment of cutting length from 0.8 to 2.0 cm in 0.3 mm steps. This eliminates the need for troublesome changing of attachments and enables length adjustment with one hand while working.

  • Li-ion Battery

  • A powerful, long-lasting, environment-friendly Li-ion battery is used.

  • 2 Years warranty
  • Made in JAPAN
  • Weight: 1

    Unit Of Measure: ea

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    Panasonic ER- GP81 Professional Hair Clipper
    Panasonic ER- GP81 Professional Hair Clipper
    Panasonic ER- GP81 Professional Hair Clipper
    Panasonic ER- GP81 Professional Hair Clipper
    Panasonic ER- GP81 Professional Hair Clipper
    Panasonic ER- GP81 Professional Hair Clipper
    Panasonic ER- GP81 Professional Hair Clipper

    Panasonic ER- GP81 Professional Hair Clipper
    Panasonic ER- GP81 Professional Hair Clipper

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